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    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART THREE

    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART THREE

    Ok, the last one for this Get More Customers & Keep them for Life mini-series.  

    We've talked about getting everything about your business, as best as you can, looking great so that when people come to look, they decide to stay.

    Secondly, we chatted about not annoying them once they stayed. And by that I mean, setting up all your platforms and processes in such a way that your customers/potential customers can do, get, learn and buy from you seamlessly.

    Lastly, I want to talk about the importance of serving them.  

    And to fully get this you MUST understand and know that business isn't about what you can get but what you can give. It's about serving your customer better than the competition, educating them, loving them, providing for them in any way you can because all serving means is building trust. This love and trust you constantly build with your customer will ensure you get the sale when it comes to the right time for them.

    And let me say, some people may never buy. 

    And that's ok. 

    It's not always about the money. It's also about the sharing, the tagging, the word of mouth, the talking and the boasting. Are people boasting about your content and your business? Are they boasting about you?

    So, how can you "serve" better than the rest? 

    In my previous polymer clay earring business, I would literally write blogs about how to use polymer clay! I essentially taught my customers a skill which could have put me out of a job! But, you see when you serve so generously like that, people begin to like and trust you. So they stayed and they brought.

    If you're a graphic designer and design prints, why don't you create some gorgeous prints and gift them to your tribe as a free downloadable? For them to print out and have in their home? Or what about a workshop on how to use Photoshop??

    If you sell essential oils, sprays or rollers - why don't you educate your tribe on cultivating more 'self-love', meditation or grounding practices? Who is their "Self-Love" Guru? Is it you? 

    If you're a coach of any means, why don't you openly give tips and coaching for free or hold live events or even write an e-book that you would offer for free? 

    There are so many ways to serve, nurture and educate in any industry. It's your job to keep your eyes up out of the numbers and focus more on how you can give because that's when the magic happens 

    - because what you give will always come back. 

    I would suggest that you "served" as often as you can. Make it your priority. 

    Make it your mission to become the leader in your industry based on how well you serve your tribe.

    Hope this helps beauty. 
    Love SL xx 

    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART TWO

    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART TWO

    Ok. So now you've got everything looking pretty good. People are coming, they like what they see and they're STAYING. Awesome. 

    Next step is NOT TO ANNOY THEM!

    And what I mean is - make getting to know you and your business EASY for your potential customers. For instance, your Instagram Bio shouldn't be a cryptic one-line poem, it should be a clear, no fluff description of who you are and what exactly you DO. Your Instagram profile picture should be a photo of you or your business logo. Not a cartoon or unicorn or even your product. 

    Your contact details should only be one to three clicks away.
    Your buy button should be one click away;
    your contact form;
    your product description;
    your cafe menu;
    your services list;
    - all of it should be less than 3 seconds or 3 clicks away!

    And I think we've all been there, like...

    We've come to an Instagram account and we're like "what exactly do you do?"

    Or a restaurant's website and you need the latest version of whatever software to open the menu or worse it doesn't have one?

    Or it's a business's website but they keep their phone number and email address right dooooowwwwn the bottom of the page where no one can see it. 

    Or you find these great earrings but to order you need to DM them?!
    Who has time to sit around in DMs all day?

    So that's what I mean don't annoy people. 

    Make it INCREDIBLY easy for your customers to get to know you, contact you, and buy from you. Because the truth is, we almost live in fast forward these days and NO body has time to waste trying to contact you or buy from you - 


    Now. Go have a good hard look at all your platforms and you be the new potential customer. Make sure you can learn, subscribe, buy in three clicks or less. Anymore, fix it. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea x 

    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART ONE

    Get More Customers & Keep them for Life - PART ONE

    Ok. Before we get into this I want to bring something to your attention, something I want you to really understand. And that thing is, every customer or potential customer is in a different buying cycle than another. While one is just learning about you, another is making their 10th purchase. Everyone is at a different place.

    So, securing a customer does not take five seconds, it actually could take years. 

    Here's why. With all customers, they'll have their first encounter with your brand which is where they'll make their very first and perhaps, last judgement on you. They then, if you're lucky, will either 'Like"  "Follow" or "Subscribe". That's it. Barely 1% will actually buy!

    It's very uncommon for someone to meet your brand and buy instantly because even though they like what they see they still have to subconsciously learn to like and trust you before they hand over their money.  

    So, from here. They'll continue to watch you from the sidelines for days, sometimes months or even years and it's here on the sidelines, they'll observe and build that trust.

    Once you/your brand have earned this trust, the next time this person comes into their buying cycle of purchasing "insert your product/service here" you'll be the one they call on.

    Which is why, in the first part of this series, I want to chat about the importance of making a great first impression. 

    Now, take a look at your Instagram/Website/Facebook Page/Store Front/Cafe/Restuarant/Studio and honestly ask yourself - would YOU want to stay? 

    Is the place pleasant and aesthetically pleasing? 
    Do you feel comfortable there?
    Is it clean and uncluttered? 
    Is it easy to navigate around? 
    Is furniture clean and in good condition? 
    Is your photography on point? 
    Is everything/most things as professional as they can be?

    Ask yourself these questions and honestly answer. 

    From here, maybe you have nothing to do but perhaps you do?

    And in that case, you'll need to focus your time, energy and money into these areas, either hiring a photographer or buying new furniture, re-doing your Instagram feed or hiring a branding agent - whatever it is, make it your priority to get this sorted becuase -

    You know that saying "don't judge a book by its cover." I hate to tell you sister but we're all judging the books by their covers!

    So, that's the first part. If you want people to stop, stay and spend then let's get everything in order and fully show up as this incredible, beautiful and trustworthy store - to get more people to STAY. 

    Chat Soon, 
    Sandra-Lea xx 

    What Blogging is Essential + Not Optional.

    What Blogging is Essential + Not Optional.

    I know this information is not new, however, I feel it's something that you and especially  I, need to be reminded of. 

    I know for me when things get busy, blogging is the first thing to fall off the list - I'm totally guilty, so today I want to share why you DO need to have a Blog on your site and why you need to blog regularly. 

    Whenever ANYONE types something into the Google Search Tab, Google sifts through every single website finding words that are the same or similar to what that person has just typed.

    You regularly write blog posts.

    That's it!

    Ok, don't freak out. The best blog posts are the ones that are conversational, written like they are spoken, they're not fancy or formal. They are just your gorgeous self, teaching/sharing/telling others about something. 

    Ok, for example. 

    Someone types in 'b
    uy brown leather ankle boots'

    And you sell boots. AMEN SISTER.

    Blog weekly about fashion, personal styling, new season collections, how to wear boots, what's in trend and...  

    1. ensure you include names of the brands you stock in your blog
    2. specify the types of shoes you sell, like leather ankle boots, high heels or slides
    3. try and include things like... this is how you wear these boots and you can BUY them here on our online shop CLICK HERE TO BUY < and make this a link that will take them right there!

    This influx of words on your website will dramatically increase your chances of being shared higher on the results list on Google. 

    Remember, Google is looking for WORDS. So, do yourself a favour and try this. Stop paying Facebook to do NOTHING and start taking 30 minutes each week to write a blog post. It's free and very effective. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea xoxox 

    Have you missed the WHOLE point of 'Social' Media?

    Have you missed the WHOLE point of 'Social' Media?

    Let's talk about social etiquette just for a sec.

    I speak for myself right here and say that in my constant challenge of being perfect and cool and "followable" on Instagram I have/am/suffer terribly every day from being awkward and very un-social on social media.

    It's weird right.

    We're super cool and chic in real life but then we get behind Instagram and we turn all weird. Like someone getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Fumbling all over the place like we've never written a sentence before? 

    Are you nodding your head? 

    Here are some tips on being more SOCIAL:

    • Social Media is for being SOCIAL. People go to Instagram and Facebook to connect with other people and look for things that are relatable, funny and entertaining which brings me to my next thing...
    • Don't be too "sales-ly" on your feed. Sell to your customers via their inbox - that's where they want to be sold to and expect it. Not in their feed. And if you do, try and make it subtle. 
    • Lastly, when writing your captions try to either ENTERTAIN or EDUCATE. Do you're best to connect with your following by talking about something they could understand, can relate to or you know they'll think is funny? 

    I know from my own customers and my own experience on Instagram, we're all looking for that relateable factor so try and be that for them.

    And that's it! 

    Let me know how you go, share this with anyone you think needs to read this and please DO leave your comments below. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea xxx