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    What Blogging is Essential + Not Optional.

    What Blogging is Essential + Not Optional.

    I know this information is not new, however, I feel it's something that you and especially  I, need to be reminded of. 

    I know for me when things get busy, blogging is the first thing to fall off the list - I'm totally guilty, so today I want to share why you DO need to have a Blog on your site and why you need to blog regularly. 

    Whenever ANYONE types something into the Google Search Tab, Google sifts through every single website finding words that are the same or similar to what that person has just typed.

    You regularly write blog posts.

    That's it!

    Ok, don't freak out. The best blog posts are the ones that are conversational, written like they are spoken, they're not fancy or formal. They are just your gorgeous self, teaching/sharing/telling others about something. 

    Ok, for example. 

    Someone types in 'b
    uy brown leather ankle boots'

    And you sell boots. AMEN SISTER.

    Blog weekly about fashion, personal styling, new season collections, how to wear boots, what's in trend and...  

    1. ensure you include names of the brands you stock in your blog
    2. specify the types of shoes you sell, like leather ankle boots, high heels or slides
    3. try and include things like... this is how you wear these boots and you can BUY them here on our online shop CLICK HERE TO BUY < and make this a link that will take them right there!

    This influx of words on your website will dramatically increase your chances of being shared higher on the results list on Google. 

    Remember, Google is looking for WORDS. So, do yourself a favour and try this. Stop paying Facebook to do NOTHING and start taking 30 minutes each week to write a blog post. It's free and very effective. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea xoxox 

    Have you missed the WHOLE point of 'Social' Media?

    Have you missed the WHOLE point of 'Social' Media?

    Let's talk about social etiquette just for a sec.

    I speak for myself right here and say that in my constant challenge of being perfect and cool and "followable" on Instagram I have/am/suffer terribly every day from being awkward and very un-social on social media.

    It's weird right.

    We're super cool and chic in real life but then we get behind Instagram and we turn all weird. Like someone getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Fumbling all over the place like we've never written a sentence before? 

    Are you nodding your head? 

    Here are some tips on being more SOCIAL:

    • Social Media is for being SOCIAL. People go to Instagram and Facebook to connect with other people and look for things that are relatable, funny and entertaining which brings me to my next thing...
    • Don't be too "sales-ly" on your feed. Sell to your customers via their inbox - that's where they want to be sold to and expect it. Not in their feed. And if you do, try and make it subtle. 
    • Lastly, when writing your captions try to either ENTERTAIN or EDUCATE. Do you're best to connect with your following by talking about something they could understand, can relate to or you know they'll think is funny? 

    I know from my own customers and my own experience on Instagram, we're all looking for that relateable factor so try and be that for them.

    And that's it! 

    Let me know how you go, share this with anyone you think needs to read this and please DO leave your comments below. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea xxx 

    How I Cultivate Self Worth into My Life.

    How I Cultivate Self Worth into My Life.

    I grew up on a farm. A large farm where there is literally more stuff that needs doing you’d never finish half of it in 100 years. NO joke. 

    Sun up to sun down you WORKED your arse off.

    Dad worked like a dog.
    Mum worked like a dog.
    Us kids worked like it was the only thing we knew how to do.

    There was no such thing as:
    Today I don’t feel up to it.
    Reading in the sun with a cup of tea.
    Long relaxing baths.
    Coffee with a friend.
    Movie in the afternoon.

    I grew up believing working hard was a badge of HONOUR.

    AND if I wore that badge.
    I would be LOVED.

    So naturally, until recently I’ve done just that. Worked until I’ve fallen down, practiced ZERO self-love and told myself I was worth nothing UNLESS I’d killed myself working until 2 am.

    THEN it dawned on me.
    I’m telling the universe I'm not worthy!

    Not worthy of unconditional love.
    Not worthy of self-care.
    Not worthy of a business that felt good.
    Not worthy of money I didn’t have to give blood for.

    All these years I’ve been sending the wrong freaking message!

    No wonder my life looked ugly.

    And then moment I started to show myself some self-love and started to believe I was WORTHY of my dream life ( aka, I finally told the universe I was worthy of these things and it now had permission to send them into my life! ) that’s when everything started to change.

    Even deeper love with Andy.
    Money started to flow.
    Better customers.
    Beautiful friendships started to show up.
    I was joyed at the thought of living.

    Life felt GOOD.

    Here are a few things I do daily to ensure I feel filled to my brim with worthiness!


    Becuase I am home with the kids during the day I've asked Andy to take the kids downstairs first thing in the morning so I can have my "time" in the morning. I usually have 30 minutes up my sleeve which generally looks like this:

    Couple minutes of Yoga
    10-minutes of meditation
    Dry-body brushing
    My new crazy dental protocol which I LOVE
    Hot shower
    Apply my olive/coconut oil blend with my essential oils on my body

    This time alone, getting ready for the day uninterrupted makes me a much nicer person and reassures me I'm ME before I'm a mum. 

    Rain hail or shine I take myself and the kids for a walk along the ocean. There is something so magical about the fresh sea air and sunshine on our faces. Exercise makes me feel incredible and good about myself.


    'Cheat' days have been long gone in my life and these days I'm not even tempted by food that really does not serve me. So, feeding my body clean organic food is just another way I am telling the universe I am worthy AND eating in peace, no phone, no reading material, just me and my bowl of whatever it is savouring every mouthful is a very loving act for me too.


    Earth shattering I know. BUT for a long time, I wouldn't shower again after my walk and I'd get around in my tights till the afternoon! These days I quickly re-shower and put on something nice for the day... even though I'm usually just showing up my office. Getting dressed and doing my hair makes me feel good. 


    Every night, around 9 pm I'll head upstairs "to my special place" that's what Andy calls it anyway. It's actually just our bedroom! But for as long or as little time as I feel like it I'll sit on the floor and:

    Practice Yoga
    Journal my feeling if I have any I'd like to resolve
    Read/write/update my goals
    Journal/visualise anything that I'd like to manifest
    Diffuse essential oils
    Use my Joov Infrared Light

    I can't even begin to express how much this soul hour at night has changed my life. I literally go to bed filled with love, contentment, excitement and inspiration and I believe all that then gets soaked into my subconscious as I sleep.

    Comment below some of the things you love to do to keep your worthiness high!

    Please share this post with anyone you think could do with some more worthiness in their life. 

    PS. If you haven't already go grab my new Ebook The Fundaments of Starting Your Own Creative Business. It's FREE and it's here.



    Good question, right? I get asked this all the time. Usually, I look at them with a very blank look and say "umm I have no clue (this week anyway), no magic pill or click sorry, except maybe you could ask people to follow you - or is that too old school?" 

    Instagram is so fickle, with NO rhyme or reason. There are times when I glance over a 60K account with thousands of likes and a whole heap of comments BUT I have to keep asking myself - what do people like here and how exactly does this person add value to lives? Why do people follow this account? And why is this unclear to me?

    Then sometimes I'll see accounts with over 100K followers and they're getting 100 likes and 2 comments to a post and again, to me, this doesn't make sense? Shouldn't they be getting more?

    All I know is that I'm beginning to feel that Instagram is becoming VERY inauthentic. Inauthentic accounts, photos, people, make-believe lives, numbers, comments, follower counts - all of which I pay little attention to these days. 

    Because, honestly, the proof is in the pudding. Or the bank account. 

    So how do you find A GENUINE TRIBE that is authentic on Instagram?

    Here are my top suggestions: 

    It's a big job and very time consuming but it works slowly but solidly. 
    My suggestion here would be either YOU or an employee sits down each day for at least an hour and follow, like and comment, follow, like and comment as many times as possible on accounts that you feel would BENEFIT from what you offer.
    This could be done by finding your competition and touching their followers?

    I know businesses that have employees do this as their main gig so if you can afford this, hire someone, if not, allow yourself time each day to do this. 

    Find an Insta buddy within the same realm as you, say for children's clothing or jewellery and create a beautiful stand-alone product by clashing your talents. Market it well and HARD and with any hope, your followers become her followers and vice versa. 

    If you're store owner this is a goodie for you and if you're virtual this is good for your self-confidence! Okay, so back to basics, business card ready and genuinely asking people to find you on social media and follow you. Sounds, a little too simple but asking such simple questions to someone's face actually feels like a thing of the past! Not to mention awkward. BUT if you want to grow you're going to have to work hard for it and if getting uncomfortable each day helps, then that's what you need to do. 

    4. CAN YOU GIFT? 
    I have such a beautiful tribe around me who love and support ME endlessly, my girlfriends literally shout from their rooftops all about me and my business. So, whenever I release a new product or range I make sure they all have their stash. My girlfriends constantly wear, talk about and gift my goods and business comes back to me tenfold. WORD of mouth is so not dead. This is a beautiful way to create trust and culture. 

    I want to note as well, I'm approached often by influencers or influencers managers in regards to promoting my product, for sometimes up to $20,000. To me, this is the height of inauthenticity and doesn't feel right. But there is that option too. However, looking around to those who love you the most may be a sweeter way to go. 

    5. ENGAGE.
    Similar to number one and it involves lots of time and effort but genuinely connecting with others on Instagram, not just commenting once or twice but consciously making an effort to build relationships, friendships even on both platforms.

    One last thing that I feel is SO important to remember is having 1000 followers that engage, trust and BUY from you is enormously more valuable than 100k that don't. 

    So, get back to basics and nurture the ones you have and hunt and gather new ones. 

    Love, Sandra-Lea. xx 

    Understanding People's Buying Cycle + Why Your Emails are Not Annoying.

    Understanding People's Buying Cycle + Why Your Emails are Not Annoying.

    During my many years in the sales industry, I was fortunate to be trained by some of the best sales trainers and salespeople in the country. Today I want to share something that will shift your thinking around "annoying email marketing", help increase your sales and gain trust with your customers. 

    Understanding Peoples Buying Cycles + Why You're Not Annoying 101.

    1. We're the same but different. 
    For example, we're all paying mortgages, rents, car payments, school fees, electricity and taking holidays BUT we're not all paying for these things at the same time. For me, everything related to money going out happens at the start of the month. So, around that time, I'm more mindful of my spending, however, come to the end of the month I'm more relaxed with my cash. 
    Regardless of the kind of money, we're talking about, people's buying habits are either hot or not. And as you know in retail you can never pick it! And this is WHY.

    2. Sometimes People Just Don't Need to Buy.
    We all have those months when both grannies, your mum, your best friend and Molly's dance teacher birthdays all fall on the same month. And then we have months when we're off the hook because we know it's a quiet one. 
    Knowing that people either need to buy lots, little or none is key to loosening up when it comes to your marketing and busting your fears around being 'annoying'. And something else you need to understand as well is peoples buying cycles are rarely consistent. Therefore...

    3. You need to be ready, no matter what.

    Let's say you have 1000 customers on your email list, as a shop with something to sell you need to be ready for EVERY time one of your 1000 customers comes into their 'spending' period of their buying cycle.
    Meaning, it's perfectly acceptable to have a promotion running all of the time AND it's even more acceptable to keep your customers informed about your business and what you sell as often as once a week. This constant engagement will ensure you capture all of your customers - when their time is right. 

    I want to say that again... This constant engagement will ensure you capture all of your customers - when their time is right. 

    For example, one of your customers comes into her '26 birthdays in one month' and she's stressing out thinking about where she's going to buy the gifts. BOOM. There you go, showing up in her inbox. For the last six weeks she hasn't noticed you but NOW she sees you and she's ready to spend. 

    See you captured her.

    Your marketing wasn't annoying. It's always perfect and always well received by those who are ready to see it. For instance, I don't need to buy beauty products every week, so most weeks I don't see the marketing material from my favourite beauty brand but when I'm out of face wash it's almost like they read my mind. But, really they don't do they? It's just whats on my radar.

    So, don't freak out and get all bashful about sending out your marketing. You're a business owner and that my friend is your JOB and you'll never grow or sell a thing if you keep all your goodness to yourself. 

    The key takeaways are: 
    1. You can't sell a secret. Period.
    2. It's perfectly fine to have a promo running all the time. Some customers will only ever buy from the sales section - and that is okay!
    3. Consistent, trust building marketing is paramount. 
    4. Don't give up. Trust your marketing. And know it's being seen by those who are supposed to see it. 
    5. KEEP SHOWING UP. You're business relies on it and you deserve a thriving business. 

    Let me know how you go with this. Leave your comments below!

    Love, Sandra-Lea xxx