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    After leaving my job in sales in 2015 to have my first child, my financial reality looked pretty crap. Think, half a million dollars in debt (weighing on only my own shoulders), zero savings and no means of income. I was literally paralysed with anxiety and the pain made me want to take my own life.
    In amongst the phone calls about the options of declaring bankruptcy, speaking with financial counselors and banks I held my beautiful newborn in my arms and tried my very best to enjoy her newborn phase. It was like a living nightmare.

    In my mind, I only had two options. Live or Die. That's it. 

    So, for Honor's sake, I decided to LIVE. 
    I took every course I could afford, I read every business and self-help book and blog post I could get my hands on, I listen to every podcast on business and marketing, I used every spare cent I had on advice, business cards, packaging, materials and finally a website to slowly build what resembled a business.
    I learned how to meditate, I changed my beliefs and mindset around my own worth and changed my crappy money story to something better and finally ditched the one that landed me in what I describe as my rock bottom.
    I did everything I could to change my current reality.

    So then, while Honor napped, I took what I knew from the sales industry and made cold calls to homeware stores across the country.
    I got rejected over and over and over until I didn't.
    Then again, day after day, call after call, rejection after rejection until I didn't.
    And then things started to snowball in my favor.

    Basically, I faked it till I made it. I changed my life.
    Through action and changing my thoughts.  

    In my first year of business, I made $40k.
    The second year I cracked over $100k and have grown ever since.

    My life compared to what it looked like almost four years ago is chalk and cheese. I no longer want to take my own life, anxiety doesn't paralyse me, I have control over my finances and I'm a mother who works from home doing what I love. And that includes taking a bath in the middle of the day and having hot lunch dates with my husband on a Tuesday! I created my own heaven on earth. 

    NOW - I want to share everything I know so YOU can experience this too. 

    For the last few years, I have answered your business and product questions on a daily basis for FREE but now I have finally jumped head first into SERIOUSLY helping you create a business and life you love too.

    Most importantly, the one person most eager to see you succeed is me. 

    If you have any questions regarding the coaching I provide please refer to the product page or feel free to use the contact form below.